Maternity Homes

Heather’s House and Monica’s House, Aid for Women’s maternity homes, provide safe and supportive places to call home for young women who are pregnant, parenting or making an adoption plan.

Residents have the opportunity to develop many important life skills, while pursuing educational and career goals. Programming includes pregnancy support, one-on-one mentoring, life skills classes, parenting training, educational assistance, employment assistance spiritual growth and follow-up services.
What is the application process?

Your Aid for Women Advocate will help you assess your current living situation and possible options that are available to you during and after your pregnancy. If it is determined that you are a candidate for our homes, your Advocate will review the eligibility requirements and resident responsibilities with you. You will then be asked to complete an application and to meet for an interview.

“As a resident of Heather’s House, I have been able to begin providing the best life for me and my son by continuing school and work. I know it won’t be easy, but I’ve learned that I have the ability to overcome hardships.”

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