What services does Aid for Women offer?

Aid for Women understands that every woman’s situation is different. We provide a confidential and comfortable place for you to meet with our Nurses and Client Advocates to discuss your situation. You will receive the services and information you need to understand your options, make a fully-informed decision and move forward with your pregnancy plan.

All services are offered FREE OF CHARGE.

Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds Exams

The first step is to confirm your pregnancy and check viability. Aid for Women offers in-office pregnancy tests and ultrasound exams to give you immediate and accurate results. Schedule your free appointment now.

Confidential Consultations

When facing an unexpected pregnancy or difficulties during your pregnancy, it is important to understand all your options. Our compassionate staff will discuss your individual situation and provide you with accurate information and ongoing support. Schedule your free appointment now.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Regret taking the abortion pill? Many women do. It may not be too late to reverse the process. Contact us now for immediate help. Our staff provides guidance and support throughout the abortion pill reversal process. Schedule your free appointment now.

Medical & Community Referrals

Women come to us with many different material, physical and emotional needs — including healthcare, housing, food, employment and help with emotional or relationship issues. Aid for Women has established partnerships with a network of medical and community agencies throughout the Chicago area, allowing us to better address and serve your needs. Schedule your free appointment now.

Support Programs

Aid for Women provides ongoing support during your pregnancy. Programs offered include our one-on-one mentor program, pregnancy and parenting classes, moms-to-be groups, men’s support and our baby boutique program. Schedule your free appointment now.

Residential Programs

Your Client Advocate will help you assess your current living situation and will discuss possible options that may be available to you, including Heather’s House, Aid for Women’s residential program for expectant mothers and their children. Schedule your free appointment now.